Look Keo cleats

Look Keo cleats

Selling point

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all Look System pedals.Such as:Look Keo Classic Series 
3/2,Keo 2 Max,Keo Blade and other Keo pedals.

Adjustable three-hole layout for precise fitting

Anti-slip & Durable: Made by high quality nylon plastic and silica gel.The silica gel can increase friction so as to get effective Anti-slip

4.5 DEGREE FLOAT: 4.5 degree float help you reduce the pain and fatigue. Give your feet/ankles/legs assume a more comfortable position during riding.

Light weight and Efficiency power transfer design.  including different SKUs’ different sizes.

Product description

This Cleat Set includes two cleats and all the installation hardware you'll need. The 

cleat set is compatible with all Look Keo System Pedals.
Package Includes:
2 x 4.5 degree Pedal Cleats
6 x Screw
6 x Metal Gasket

4.5 DEGREE floating is basically a design feature that allows your feet to rotate a bit laterally, while they're securely clipped in.
This helps your feet feel much more secure and free, thus less strain in your knees.
Easy in and out, easy to install, use the screwdriver to screw the cleats on your road bike shoes and pedals.

Front and rear of the cleats can be quick Self-locking and replacement.

They have a larger surface area for more power transfer to the pedals, which means you go faster! 

Also what is nice about these cleats is they are made from a high quality hard plastic/rubber type material on the bottom,
so you would not worried about scratching up the floors when walking with your shoes on inside.

Big Improvment with your pedals.Durable material Nylon and Silica Gel can increase friction,effective anti-slip.When walking on hard floors they are pretty quiet and comfotable .


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