Front Light

Front Light

Product Description:

Bike Lights are a great product for cycling at night or in places where visibility and safety are required.

Highest LED quality ensures a bright, long ride.

Can be used for a variety of activities such as

  -mountain bikes,

  -road bikes,

  -city commuting,

  -trekking bikes and children's bikes.


Product features

Front light

1.Lumen: 400 lumens Super bright LED XPG

2.Design: Modern rectangular design, uniform beam, wide field of vision made the cycling at night safer.

3. USB charging cable (included).

4. Standard waterproof: IPX4.

5. Quick removal: The headlight can be easily removed from the connector 

6. 5 modes:

        ①Automatic light adjustment / power saving mode.

        ②High light


        ④Long-term stroboscope

        ⑤Quick bright stroboscope

7. LED indicator:

             blue (when the light is in smart mode),

             red (when the light is charging),

             green (when the light is fully charged)

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