Bicycle light projector

Bicycle light projector


100% OWIMIN original product, through CE authentication!

The most prominent feature of the taillights is the "bicycle sign" on the back of the bicycle to warn the vehicles behind to keep a safe distance.

Intelligent control chip, built-in ultra sensitive detection element.

Laser laser design, easy to night attention.

LED indicator and laser beam can operate at the same time. It is very eye-catching.

LED working life up to 100000 hours, low power consumption and energy saving.

Especially suitable for high-end bicycles and regular night cycling friends, in the night cycling play a good warning role!

It has adjustable clamp, easy to install and remove.


Attention: please avoid direct contact with eyes. If you don't need to use it for a long time, please remember to remove the battery.



Press the button 2 seconds for a long time to open. Click on the loudspeaker sound 3 times, continuously press two horn sound 4, and press 3 seconds to turn off.


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