BETO 1-Way Alloy Mini Pump

BETO 1-Way Alloy Mini Pump


120PSI high pressure single stroke aluminum alloy watch portable pump
Readability pressure gauge

Two-hole three-purpose convenience nozzle: for American air nozzle / French air nozzle and test nozzle for sale in Europe

T-grip can be folded, it will not hold the hand when used
Suitable for: Regular / advanced bicycle
                    Ordinary/advanced electric bicycle
                    Ball/Swimming Tools
                    Various types of inflatable toys
Material: Plastic and aluminum
Item size: Approx. The total length of the pump is 27.5cm, Pump diameter 2.6cm
Item weight: Approx. 220g
Package List:
1 * Bicycle Pump
2)*extra straps to attach to bike

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