The Tool You Have Is Enough 16.12.2019

Friday Evening ride, after zooming all around Nairobi in the afternoon looking for cycling compatible glasses, and failing, it was time to take Tsibektican home. 17:02hrs, leaving Bongo Mathao's shop, Baby Bee locked Herself into tarmac synchronicity as we zoomed to Westlands in 4 minutes. The Climb up Safaricom Hill was as easy as normal, no problem for the Flying Duchess till I felt that eerie feeling: Competition. To my left on A104's shoulder was a strong rookie on a well polished blue old school steel road bike. A marvin for a helmet, I saw my 2009 Self in him and I was awed. "This should be awesome, let's go Kid, show me what you are made of,"I smothered myself with the challenge. The traffic to James Gichuru was packed as always so we were flying in between the mazed bumpers spaces. He was clever as he switched onto the midland shoulder, I and Baby Bee stuck to the highway's middle as we accelerated to pass our competitor. Onto the opening of the traffic, I saw the kid up ahead at 25 meters, chasing this Citi Shuttle Bus to his right. I croutched forward onto the Spider Claws TT bars (Modified TT bars onto the side bars) for aerodynamics and just like we zoomed passed him as if he was standing. I maintained the same position till I was sure he was far behind. How wrong I was, for he drafted behind the same bus and garnered up enough speed to be able to catch me. He was now on my tail, trying hard to catch up.

I could tell from his struggle that he was wondering what kind of man am I, riding at high speeds up the highway with a heavy back pack towering over my upper back. It is because I have passion for this passion even though my quads were beginning to feel the heat of the pace. Looking at the glass reflection of Delloite Suit, we were 1.5 meters apart. He takes charge and launches an unsuccessful attack to my left, I just smile and silently applaud his courage. Waruku Hill, 25 meters but can break an unprepared cyclist. This is my usual tool for dropping bicyclists attacking me and it did not fail me. He fell behind and Tsibektican just sped off like a rocket launched away. I must say that I'm grateful for the dirty water that spills from under Kangemi Bridge, for it forces my to spin up the climb to Total Kangemi petrol station. In the confusion of cutting through the messy traffic the kid finally caught me, panting and trying to finish his sentence as he congratulated me for being too tough to pass. I past to him the same admiration for his passion,"You too Kijana but c'mon kid you are embarrassing me because I have the same bike at home!""No, its because my chain is jumping a bit,"he replied. I saw that the chain was new and well greased and assured him that it will pick up with time.

We departed as Baby Bee and I descended back to the highway and zoomed on to our Kingdom of Gathondeki. The life behind bars as we call it, is truly a huge break from the normalcy of urban living, cycling is the adventurous life many fantasize of wanting to have just to break away from the norm. I'm so glad to be a legend on this realm of sweat. No matter what tool you have, make great use of it, that kid proved me so.

Allan piper city centre racing back in the 80s

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