Munchkin taking a morning bath

Cold winds began to blow South as I and Baby Bee climbed up Gathondeki Hill. The wind patterns have been so bizarre that one could conclude that they are remotely controlled. No matter, Munchkin loves a good challenge and She never backs down. As we turned southwards to enter A104 at the slip road, the winds were at it again .I leaned forward onto the Spider Side Bars, gear ratio at 48*11 and The Tsibektican was on the hunt once more, on the prowl to pounce on unsuspecting ‘zebras and impalas’, that would be the Star buses, Super Metros and slow cars. We leave the mighty rhino Tulagas at the skillful mighty claws of David Ndatha and Miss White. The descend down to CBD was going well but it was boring, not a challenge in sight. Munchkin was feeling not up to the flare of not racing against a worthy opponent. It would be a waste of a fine grey Wednesday morning; Her desires were answered by a loud roar to the right. A towering exhauster came passing on momentous speeds onto Nairobi School Stretch. A rough 500 meter long stretch that gives The Thunderstruck and any other bike that calls themselves rigid bikes turbulence hell bound to severe the fork and stays. The Tigress of Gathondeki does not know of such worries, designed to be as ferocious as Her Big Green Monster Brother known for His brutality. She chased on across the bitumen strip. The Towering KAD slowed just enough for Munchkin to catch it from 200 meters away.

At Njuguna’s, the steady spacing of 6 cars and KAD made it easy for Baby Bee to pull a surprise attack. To the right lane, She stealth-wise came besides the side, pace heightening to 47kph and climbing. Munchkin was now in front of KAD, hitting 50kph and distancing from the 6 wheeled buffalo. Down the beautiful meander of Safaricom, I looked back and far away KAD was, unknowingly that the driver was foot slammed on the gas, ripe for revenge. The pace reduced with the flat stretch and KAD using its 30 tonnes of metal, mud and brown yoghurt passed Tsibektican. She wanted to hear none of it: That She has been defeated, that does not go well with The Flying Duchess. KAD did what Tourist’s competitors do all the time: slowing thy roll. She smiled as Her Wild Cat tyres roared to assault precision. Into the highway’s middle at 44kph, She dug into the sweet spot, to the right, passing sleekly and whooshing away as if She was sipping Ginger Coffee. At 100 meters to Westlands, The Peperusha Princess successfully beat Her latest adversary. A victory short but sweet, She let KAD pass Her before Museum Hill as She zoomed away in the city to begin Her work day with me at my shop.

I wonder how the weather shall look like today, the skies are in a tug of war on which season it should be. Nonetheless, a bike ride a day keeps Corona and boredom away.

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