The Lion Cloud above Nairobi National Park. Shall Thunderstruck roar the same tomorrow?

Sibling rivalry runs deep, between humans and animals, even between machines. You can ask how Ferrari felt when Lamborghini showed up to steal Her shine. Away from the world stage and into a little castle in an unknown neighborhood called Gathondeki, two Brothers are at loggerbars (Well because they have steer bars for heads). The Tourist is bragging how He showcased His all-steel brutality on His assault back home to His slim brother The Thunderstruck. Tourist bragged on how He will complete the TUTOIS 3 day ride with a heavyweight bang. Thunderstruck did not want to hear any more of it and as His light capsules turned bright, the skies above the capital county darkens and became wet and heavy. The rain poured uncontrollably for two days onwards, Tourist’s ambition for thrashing along A104 was halted definitely. Realizing that He had hurt His Brother’s feelings, the BEAST apologized to the Slick and the rain abated to riding compatibility. Eventually the Mighty Beijing rode to victory to open another God given week of adventurous cycling.

As was the custom, Nairobi’s madness is to be tackled by the Awesome 3MTB, but today I had a change of heart. Thunderstruck has been left out of the fun for agreeable reasons and as the lockdown continue to bite, He is slowly gathering dirt while His siblings roam away. It sucks being the fastest steel road bike in a country that has banned county hopping because some nut job decided to make a record of drinking bat soup and plunge a whole planet into a virus scare. The action station of any bicycle capable of a ride is the tarmac or path, and Thunderstruck is a mighty lightning rod built for speed and attacks. So off into the tarmac wild of cadence flare The Slim Boy and I went, calmly tracking behind a Mistubishi canter at 17kph. The weather was favorable apart from the slight headwind and the slight play from the steer clamp, Thunderstruck was as fine as Egyptian wine. Just before Kangemi Bridge, we came close to a white Hyundai with slightly tinted windows. Thunderstruck attempted an attack; the driver abruptly stepped on the gas and gave us a 70 meter gap. “Now that is interesting,” I said to myself, which prompted the question as to what is that person doing on the driver’s seat. I can consider myself lucky it was not the brakes that the driver stepped on. Otherwise I would have gone airborne.

The battle was now between two white machines. One known for terrorizing carbon bikes, another commonly known for producing fumes of carbon. Who will beat the other? A104 shall be the judge. Dropping down Waruku, THITIMA angled to attack from the left and paced passed the car at 49kph. Onto the torturous Nairobi School Stretch, He slowed His roll, with bunny hops on uneven tarmac and nearly bending His steel fork, the White Hyundai passed slowly and proceeded to widen the gap. Thunderstruck was furious, in a moment the sky could turn black but focus was on beating the foe in front. Onto James Gichuru roundabout, The Prince of Cadence charged on, and fast like a cheetah hunting an impala, he pounced with perfect execution and passed the white carbon emitter. The being at the seating helm was a woman, but it was her unflinching posture and fixed neck that gave me the creeps. Whatever that was whirling in her cerebral vortex could be the stuff of Elm Street. So speedily, we paced far and away from the dimmed sighted solo passenger. I looked back and sighed a breath of relief at the 80 meter gap between us. THITIMA then proceeded on to my shop to start off the day that was Tuesday. 3 days to bring Him to abrest with His siblings’ capabilities, it will be a tall order for The Slim One, but there is nothing I cannot do to produce the desired results.

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