SUPERMAX SPEEDS (Part 2) 05.05.2020

Ready to eat more matatus Munchkin?

I decided to take Tsibektican home early for a change. How wrong I was as we were smacked with thick traffic of Nairobians trying to beat the day’s dusk curfew. Reckless drivers and careless pedestrians plus this big mean bully of a Githurai bound bus, Munchkin and I were in for a roadhog beating. Traffic was released at Juja Road in Pangani, Baby Bee raced the big bus to the overpass to Forest Road. Its roof became visible as the city’s skyline followed with the blue patch of sky next to Ngong Hills’ summit maintaining its hue for the third consecutive day. The cloudy coloring racing up north looked like a huge forest fire smoke, absolutely catastrophically beautiful. Baby Bee picking up pace, She zoomed into the flat rise and we stayed on the fastest lane, completely boxed away from switching lanes due to the extreme fast cars coming from Thika Superhighway. A bicyclist too was stuck at Shell petrol station waiting to cross. We fear nothing, just maintaining self composure and caution as I constantly checked back for a clearing. Alas, I found one and took it fast just at the overpass rise above Limuru Road. My clipped Princess loves any climb and She puts in good work on them. We drop then rise slightly towards Museum Hill. Munchkin sensed something; I could feel the energy rise up my arms so I glanced backwards. It was the bicyclist, hot on my baby’s wheel. “How the…” I could not fathom how he did it but he did, so we both went on the widen rise to the next overpass to join Chiromo Road. I looked back and saw him struggling to cross and catch up.” Ho ho ho you don’t have enough juice?” I thought to myself, chuckled and told Flying Duchess to do Her thing. Hands firm on the Spider S.Bars, we dropped fast to the right curve alongside this speeding Super Metro. A sight it was for those in that cage, sulking and whatsapping as usual while I’m busy smacking boredom to the kerb.

I looked back again, he was nowhere in sight. ”Good! let’s make sure he doesn’t resurrect his redemption okay Munchkin?” I whispered the bond language as She mopped Chiromo Hill easily, span up at 48*18 gear ratio to Westlands. The funny thing about this Kangemi bound stage, even with 30 minutes to quarantine time you will find traffic. Back to rotating the crank, we went it easy up Safaricom and through the traffic jam as we passed the said sulking faces. They will never know bliss even if it were presented to them. Meandering through the bumper corridors, we came behind this WWE Latema Bus.”Are you thinking what I’m thinking Munchkin?” She responded by been a meter close to the bumper. My heart is racing, high with excitement as the driver stepped hard on the gas pedal. This orange KMO matatus was now hot on my heels as I am on aerodynamic position and rotation the crank as fast as a plane’s propellers. The KMO came to the left and the driver drove at my pace. We were at 42kph, he looked at his speedometer, looked at me and back to his speedometer with disbelief. The WWE started pulling away, my nitro was burning up, a red KMO was now threating to ram me. I held my left arm high, signaled a left turn and gave him a thumbs up he drove away to the traffic jam awaiting all of us above Waruku Climb. Back to bumper corridors we went, passing WWE Latema with a kidish smile on my face.

I dropped the chain to 38t for a bit of tactical movement and maintained the chain on that chainring on the 3km spaced stretch to Kabete Polytechnic. The slight rise at 25kph was easier than I thought. The backing of passed vegetation and towering pavements was a stress-freeing sight indeed. A small race against three cars upto Uthiru Roundabout, letting Miss Madilu drop quickly down ILRI and finally announcing Her return back to the castle/ casa. That is the fun of cycling; when you get better the fun gets much better. She is not gonna let Her brothers have a peace of mind tonight. Till the next great city ride, I rest to recharge.

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