RUIRU RUSH HOUR 16.05.2020

The Big Boi ready to cross county borders

Cloudy Saturday, Tourist right and checked, ready to zoom into Kiambu County. Its 9am sharp, BEAST stamps His authority on the 100 meter offroad section in Gathondeki but is met with three brainless adults that decided to smoke something potent that wooed them to sit in the middle of the road. Honestly, the corona season has been turning grownups into mindless beings. No matter, Tourist cruised past them, took off on the tarmac and pushed hard up Gathondeki Hill. Onto the slip road, I engaged the Demabior and let the green monster drop as fast as His 23 kilos of steel could allow. Zooming away down to Kangemi, I spot two cyclists crossing into the highway and dropping fast past the bridge while they caused a stir stare. I could tell because onlookers were left looking at them speed away. Many know of Kinjah, so that’s whom they thought they saw but my bet was on Barnabas and Munyao. The Black Pearl Bag starts swaying on the carrier attest to my aggressive cadence. I too got a share of glare from the idlers of Kangemi. The beauty of dropping down Waruku at 50kph is when you command the trailing cars and the people on the stage get to see superhuman awesomeness propelling you faster and stronger against man’s cruel machines. I cannot see the pacing cyclists so I let them be, but the bag starts to fall off so I had to stop and tie it well. As I did so, I caught sight of a third cyclist dropping down Nairobi School Stretch. He was about to slow down and stop to assist but I shouted “GO GO GO GO!” as I signaled him to zoom on. Now that was enough motivation. Well tightened, I looked back, alerted the coming nduthi guy to stay to the right as I embarked on a fast-pace chase to get the 29er rider. Tourist’s perfect drivetrain picked up much faster than expected, commanding the whole slow lane at 49kph and picking up fast. We were now at 53kph on Aga Khan Stretch, the third rider was 100 meters away dodging cars in the highway. My trustee whistle on my mouth, hands firm on the Demabior and my rpm at 85, I made an assault at this Super Metro to the left, zoomed uninterrupted past Brookside Groove and maintain my pace at 47kph.

The rider was now 20 meters away, we are getting closer to his rear wheel. Tourist came in fast near Westlands roundabout, my whistle signaled my presence; I greeted the 29er rider as I attacked the cars on the fast lane. My lane was cleared for me so I made haste to enjoy the exposition on A104. Down Chiromo Road we descended, the rider was now drafting behind me as I looked back. I gave a nod of drafting approval as Beijing showed His cycling Chinese martial arts skills on the descend (You can call Him Steel Lee). I was head low on the steel steer bar with the rider’s front wheel visible at my far left. We talked a bit before parting ways at Museum Hill. Now the journey because less attentive as we headed North-East. The Black Pearl bag just had to interrupt my cadence flow at NYS. I used its straps to tighten it onto the saddle post. There, it was firm, the ride may continue, sadly not for long. I spotted a cyclist riding on the service lane, followed by his companion. We both looked at each other; the index fingers flew at each other. It was Barnabas and Munyao. They had taken a diversion elsewhere. “Sam, twende kabisa, weka jembe,” (Sam, ride hard, put full gas)he said. I just laughed as I watched the road cyclists vanish away as fast as they appeared. The Demabior Handle Bars started to play and rock on the stem. I was forced once again to halt. This time, my tools bag had to be opened. I looking hard for a bolt long enough to lock it and I found one in the groupset tool pouch. With the DHB MAK-2 fixed, I could zoom down Roysambu to nearly 60kph (and I did). On reaching Githurai, I chose to slow down, park Tourist and walk 12 meters behind to collect something I had spotted. It was a new 20 shilling coin. Usually when I see pocket change on the road I’d ignore it, but not today. I said it will help somebody, so into my jersey pocket it went and the ride went on into Kiambu County after 58 minutes. Big Boi always loves this side of the county as His dark Wild Cat tyres map and trace its threads on the tarmac. Zooming so perfectly on the last 5 kilometers, Tourist landed at our destination at 10:16am. Minus the 4 and a half minutes stopping, we had done 38kms in 72 minutes. That is quite fast for a monster 26er. The ride back to the city while carrying 30 kilos of donations weight will be one adventure Tourist and I would want to pull.

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