Pour all you can June Rain, the BEAST from Beijing never cows

Once again, Tourist and I had a busy schedule. Chasing documents and programs not rolled out, I had less on my plate today. Looking forward to a baby’s sleep after a few blogs writing this evening into the night, I had many kids to teach today, with 4 more students to train. I set the end of classes at 5:30pm but this is Africa, eeeh. 6:10pm and I crossed my students onto the safe side, bid them a sound evening as I returned across the now dangerous Kinyanjui Street, thanks to Eastleigh been under a lockdown. 6:16pm, with a 8kg sack load on Tourist’s carried, I zoomed my 727-O800 Boeing up the street, onto the u-turn as an Eastleigh matatus came charging when this bicyclist tried crossing the wide road when his bike got stuck and he had to push to safety. The load seemed to interfere with Tourist’s rolling resistance but we could not stop, not even the charging Githurai buses could stop the Mighty Beijing from cutting lanes and commanding the pace. Flickering His lights once again up Forest Road, He cruised up and hard with exact execution. The city clock letting us know its 6:29pm, that’s 61 minutes ahead of curfew. Westlands had about 6 matatus been monitored by three traffic police so that these dumb conductors and drivers adhere to the 1 meter distance rule applicable to all public service vehicles. Waiyaki Way had more vehicles at this time and I was not happy. They were infringing onto my peaceful time. I swear; I don’t know how I shall cope with the madness that shall return should corona be defeated. I will have to leave the city for good.

Onto leaving matters, I met two bicyclists ahead of me near James Gichuru roundabout. The one in front looked inexperienced as he was throwing his legs all over when this black car entering ABC Place avoided them.”Dummies, let’s show them how cycling is done,” I told my inner Sam as I cruised past them and went on away and fast. On the shadow of the tailgating headlights, I could see the shadow of the second guy trying to catch up but to no avail. I did not even bother looking back for the next 10 minutes, this was a sure victory. A penance for the humiliation those two skinny brothers on black mambas ferrying 90kg charcoal sacks in Kimende did to me in the headwind back in 2009. Good old rookie days, them embarrassing me is partly the reason why I am today as a cyclist. Up Waruku with a bit of friction feel down at the bottom bracket, that Spiderman spidey senses tingled again.” He is near, the second dude,” I told Tourist. We maintained on; I looked back and there he was 15 meters behind struggling to keep up after Kianda School rise. I gave him 40 seconds to catch up, looked back and he was 80 meters away. The dirt water was not crossing like the days before but these nduthis kept preventing me from zooming fast past the small splash patch on the cycling area. I got my chance, turned right and zoomed under the bridge and passed a local care freely urinating nearby. The decadence of today’s society is shameful. I masked on when the stench of the filth water underneath the parked matatus was strong. Filthy humans.

I now had to deal with blinding headlamp lights from nduthis coming the wrong way and cars parking while facing the highway with the LEDs brightening A104. 24kph like yesterday, I enjoyed the steady climb as Tourist clocked 25kph speeds towards Kabete Poly. A police patrol car came from the side with its siren lights dancing in the dusk caress dress of the approaching night queen. Alone on the last stretch, Tourist caught a nduthi guy dropping down ILRI. The power of momentum of a bicycle cannot be underestimated as Boeing 727-O800 kept edging closer to overtaking it. The headlights behind grew brighter in a flash; a Toyota Scarlet was dropping fast and I was in the lane’s middle, I switched left to let it pass, released my brakes and let Tourist humiliate the fikifiki guy on the drop. So stable was the BEAST, it was excitement in the hue mist of darkness as the Big Gun shone bright. Onto the offroad, time was ripe to turn those hidden hateful smiles upside down as the Green Stallion showed no mercy when He Landed in His kingdom. We are home, 7:10pm on the clock. The last glow of sunshine in the sky faded into black abyss of night time. I can’t wait to hug my blanket tonight and enjoy a warrior’s rest.

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