Is it right to be a Savage Cyclist? 19.12.2019

Superman' cyclist Michael Guerra stretches out on saddle ...

By definition, a savage cyclist is one who will make you feel small via outright brutal display of strength and speed. Mostly such cyclists have better bikes than you but they still can beat you with your own bike, now that is just outright savage.

You are busy minding your business, riding at your own pace then like a rocket, some cyclist in tight lycra zooms past you mercilessly. You then think that he was just passing you to avoid being sandwiched and slowed down between you and a vehicle trailing the two of you but nope, he keeps going and going till he shrinks like Ant Man into the horizon, almost at the speeds of the vehicles overtaking you. You start to ponder on what he ate for lunch, what bike is he riding, does it have an ENGINE!! You start asking yourself, "What the hell am I riding a bike if someone else rides as if it were a Kawasaki superbike!"

Only on a competitive level has a cyclist zoomed passed me in such fashion, the King of Kenya Cycling David Kinjah during the Southern Bypass Time Trial 1st edition. The same way a vehicle passes me at 10kph more speed is the same speed he cruised by me. It was superbly done, exciting as well as motivating to put lots of practice just to enjoy such speeds on a bike. He is not the only one, many others who have more competitive cycling experiences than I have zoomed past me as if a were riding a tricycle. Noteable names are David Ndatha, Joseph Kuria, Davidson Kamau, Leakey Hero Anyika, Charles Mbugua among others. Instead of quiting, I chose to listen from them, how they do what they do behind the drop bars and learn ways of improving my performance.

So where am I getting to with this story? Well, I acted savage on a bicyclist yesterday on my way to work along the slim Waiyaki Way (A104). No helmet, well shaved scalp, white t-shirt and wearing dark goggles looking like he was saving on Uber fare to go to a daytime party. The Dopemaster (My fourth Bike) has a small bend on His rear rim that is causing me a lot of drag and costing me watts. Being a cyclist means having so many tricks on your fingertips so for this little drag I shall offsaddle to compensate for the slow pace. I pass him obviously before we disappeared into the thicket of vehicles in the 2 kilometer jam from Waruku to Njuguna's. It's already a battle, who will outwit the other, who knows how to 'penya' (maneuver) in between the bumpers. I head out into the midland, offroading like a true MTB rider. I cut him 5 meters ahead of him, he shows he is smart by following my dodgy route. The motorbikes behind him follow suit. Since I have a whistle ( I call it my Green Ray Gun) I pave the way for the train of two wheels. Onto opened lanes, I look back at the contingent trailing me, I look back to the front and with my head bowed, my core crunched and my gloved hands on the bull bar tips, my Rpm (Rotation Per Minute) goes up. Dopemaster's smooth front tyre makes its signature Alto roar, like paper tear, very threatening to the ears of slow riders. I look back at the 50 meter gap between me and the bicyclist representative, smile and continue zooming down to Westlands.

That was the last time I'd see him, or so I thought. Rarely do I meet the same rider twice in a day, so when I saw him going slow about to start the climb up Safaricom Hill, I just smiled cheekily and I became a savage for the second time to the same guy. The way I passed him on my attack up the hill pretty much looked like this

A luminious green blur with white sneaker soles wiggling up and down like an earthquake graph. Savage!! So is it right to be a savage cyclist, I mean why train so hard to go so fast? Its a 50/50 scenario so I'll leave it free for you to answer this verbatim but speaking from experience, there are moments when the Beast in you cannot be tamed and there are times when the humanitarian in you just wants to favor those below your power levels. Like I said, 50/50.



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