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By Sam The-Tourist Ouma

November 7, 2019

Imagine being the owner of the go-to online shopping website in the country, that’s a huge reputation to hold up to. A lot of work, time and smartness applied calculative-ly. For the owners of such websites, they put a lot of investment in ensuring that you the end user get the best they can offer. However, there are many fraudsters out there looking to make a killing out of the ever-expanding ecommerce and these have raised many concerns among online shoppers.

Some of the most common concerns people express about online shopping include:

Data breaches

Identity theft

Releasing private location information, example home address

Shipping costs

Price inconsistencies

Online data storage, such as cookies

Capturing the best online sales

HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" Knowing the best time to buy

Not having time for returns

Important packages getting lost

Returns not being accepted

No problem has no solution, here are some solutions that can help iron out the issues of online shopping.

Customer service and chat

Along with  HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" improving mobile compatibility and other technological improvements, online shopping sites are also becoming more focused on customer service. Many of them offer online chats with customer service agents where you can clarify their policies and ensure you get the best price on whatever you’re buying. You can also check that your items will arrive on time, and find out whether you’ll get a tracking number when you check out.


If you use online coupons, you can also ask a company’s customer service representative if they know of any current coupons or  HYPERLINK "" online promotions on the site that would benefit you. This would ease a common concern over whether you’re getting the best deal.

Avoid shipping costs

These costs can dent your pocket courtesy of the foreign exchange rates.Want to avoid shipping costs? There are  HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" many online retailers that offer free shipping. In fact, more and more online shopping sites should, and likely will, start offering free shipping as a perk, since research shows that  HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" 88% of online customers are more likely to shop on sites that offer free shipping.

Use private browsing

If you don’t want your data stored in the form of cookies in your Web browser, remember you can use private browsing — not only on your computer, but  HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" also on your mobile devices. You can also  HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" opt out of viewing many ads if you don’t want your purchases or product searches following you around the Web as you browse from site to site.

Know your credit report

Everyone is concerned about identity theft and hacking. Be sure to regularly  HYPERLINK "" check your credit report online to ensure there are no mistakes or fraudulent charges. Also, never enter in your credit card information while sitting in a public place, like a coffee shop. Most reputable websites will list their security features and offer guarantees that your data is encrypted.

Security Tips on Online Shopping

Of all the online shopping concerns listed above, security is the most important. It’s frustrating if you lose a package, but not nearly as life-altering as having your identity stolen. Here are some tips to ensure your information is safe and the website you’re shopping on is a reputable one:

Look for “https” in the URL and  HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" a padlock or broken-key icon, which signals your information is secure.

The website should clearly state its return policy and shipping costs.

Beware of sites using pop-up ads.

The company should have an actual address and phone number.

Prices should be reasonable, and not too good to be true (or too high).

The site should allow you to opt out of email promotions.

Never use a site that asks for personal information  HYPERLINK ",2817,2373130,00.asp" \t "_blank" like your social security number or your mother’s maiden name.

You should be able to  HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" use a credit card with fraud protection.

Ensure that it’s the real, legitimate site you were looking for and  HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" not a copycat site. For example, government websites always end in .gov, not .net. Be wary of sites with similar designs, and always double-check the url before entering in sensitive information.

Purchase high-end and luxury products from actual retailers (not resellers) to ensure you’re not receiving fake goods.

When purchasing expensive products , use a reputable and extensively reviewed escrow service and be wary of  HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" fake sites.

Generally, as long as a website is encrypted and displays a padlock or broken key icon, it is safe to let a merchant store your credit card information, for example Paypal. However, typically stores will not store your information without your approval, so if it makes you uncomfortable, don’t do it. Many people allow websites like Amazon to store their card information because they shop there on a regular basis and it cuts down on the time it takes to enter in your credit card number with each transaction. Sounds efficient.

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