THITIMA (The Thunderstruck, Cresent Steel Road Bike) has a new sleek chain that I moved heaven and earth to purchase it but it keeps jumping at the slightest muscle exertion. I'm worried that come SBTT 5 (Sourthern Bypass Time Trial 5th edition) in 28 days time He would not be able to avenge Himself. So I took the Eminem of Steel Bikes up and down ILRI. First testing him around out home, shortening the chain as to allow room for 50*24 ratio for power climbs. He's ready for practice. I'm easily putting strength onto the drivetrain, the children of Gathondeki have shown great admiration for this bike, talking about how slim His tyres are, how super-fast He is, etc. So, up Great ILRI we go, 1500 meters long with about 120 meters of elevation, I spin that drivetrain like Mark Cavendish to the top on 40*20 gear ratio, clocking 27kph max. Up and round Uthiru Roundabout, a very beautiful one with manicured grass carpet, it is packed with christian crusaders tuning in to the word. Well, my word(s) are "get out of the way, Sam and the Thunderstuck zooming here." We dropped to Kabete Polytechnic 500 meters away where we made a U-turn and zoomed up West back to Gathondeki. I let a load shout as the endorphins in my nervous system began heightening in bountiful dosages. I was locked into the bar zone, torso leaned forward and hands firm on the drop bars while off-saddling and chasing the vehicle in front. The double bumps in between the 500 meter stretch are what help me gain a pacey advantage over vehicles every time I rule this section. It is descending time, I always slow down at the speed bumps before super pacing down the beautiful drop. If it were not to the recklessness of drivers along Naivasha Road, Thunderstruck would have been clocking descend speeds upto 80kph or more. Nevertheless, Him achieving 51kph on sheer freefall is a fete attributed to smart mechanical skills. Just 20 meters to the bottom of the valley, I sighted a bicyclist climbing the ascend on a well pimped out mountain bike with double valve lights and a bluetooth speaker echoing the still valley cool fresh air. I thought to myself,"How many minutes will I take to catch him? Hmm."I crossed the bridge and made another u-turn and chased the matatu and two motorbikes slow on the double bumps. This time I switched chain-rings to 50t, tuned the chain to 22t at the sprockets and started attacking the climb with that guy in mind sight. The motorbike guys at the stage were now noticing that I'm on training mode as I sped past them. I cannot see my target in the fading dusk. The yellow sky towards the volcano sisters, Mounts Suswa and Longonot, was breathtaking, like a sword of love piercing a child's heart. Ngong Hills to my immediate left was washed out of view by a mountain of clouds, looked more like a python devouring a seal. I see deeming rainbow lights 100 meters ahead, that's him. I still wonder how on earth I found myself passing him very fast but it was like a moment to fast to have been captured, like a drop of my head and rising in up once again to survey the world in front of me. He was walking up to climb, I wanted to shout at him to stop walking and pedal push like a man, but I just zoomed off. I decided to saddle down and maintain a 17kph pace as we neared the 4.5km mark.

Cars were zooming in chain link fashion up and down the road and right there my left ear picked a rhythmic sound, a melody, a song. Guess who somehow heard my subconscious mock him and decided to give chase like an angry soldier seeking revenge. The rage and intensity he was firing into his bike's drivetrain was immense, he was angry and he was hungry. "Oh, so you NOW wanna race against me, you don't-know-who-I-truly-am," I said beneath my elevating breathe. With a sinister smile, my posterior detached from the saddle and the lower limbs worked efficiently like pistons with every quick pedal-stroke. I kept looking back at him after every 5 seconds, since I was wearing just a cycling cap and looking like Kelly in '86, he saw my head movements in the young darkness and was getting the frustration of being unable to close the 10 meter gap. I kept at it 6 more times before switching focus onto passing the ILRI slow bump. I'm 15 meters from the top, looking back, the rookie gave up and stopped before the bump under the intensity of chasing an Impala with a full stomach, poor lion. The chain by then was getting slaved onto the chain-rings and sprockets so maybe a few more rides I should be able to know what to do next about this little hiccup. I made my third u-turn and sped back with greater intensity, my quads are now well warmed to the rhythm. I nearly hit a dumb pedestrian clad in pitch black, such is the craziness I deal with on this drop but with constant training comes great counter measures. So truth of the story is, never ever start a war you cannot finish. This is why there is a bicyclist and a cyclist. You can even see the differences between the two. He is a bicyclist, riding for fun. I am a cyclist, I ride on a competitive level. With that in mind with a wide white smile, I showed him why Sam is the King of Gathondeki. I ride like my life depends on it, actually, it does.

Enjoy your rides and battle wisely or else you will be jetting into a petrol station to hide your shame from being mopped flawlessly yet you started it.



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