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Sad Affairs of Health

The highways and main roads are clear, the skies are unattended as the airplanes are grounded, cities are turning into ghostly concrete jungles and Mother Nature’s are trooping into lifeless towns such as Nakara in Japan. Welcome to March 2020 where a respiratory virus called Corona has grounded a whole planet into a state of lockdown. Well, not as fully as China and Italy where death rates have reached 4 digits since the virus’ detection in Wuhan in January 2020. The military are keeping people locked in their homes, the only time citizens access movement is to the groceries and clinics for supplies then they have to head back to their homes or else they be sent to isolation camps, infected or not. The world’s cycling calendar can as well be scrapped off, with the most watched event scheduled for June, Le Toure De France, been cancelled, the future is looking mighty bleek. Italy banned cycling to curb the spread of the virus codenamed Covid-19, I can’t imagine such happening in Kenya. What is sad about any African country that is not a 2nd world nation is that our economies are a contact economy. Our businesses require our presence or else there is no business. Except from farmers and food distributors who have to feed the hibernating populous, sectors such as entertainment industry are taking a major hit to the cranium.

We as Kenyan can consider ourselves lucky that we did not make the same mistakes Italy and China did. Closing of schools, colleges, universities and banning church and bar activities was a wise move. Sensitizing the public on sanitation practices was another. Today, you will find a bottle of sanitizers at the entrances of cafés, supermarkets and other places that attract many people. Surgical masks are flying off the shelves like a multitude of sea gulls and of course the prices faced some inflation to make a killing. Sadly, there is no cure for Covid-19, it can be rid off via isolation of infected persons and self quarantine of healthy people.

Cycling Vs Corona

Onto cycling, this is a social distancing sport, but, preventive measures have to be taken no matter what.

  1. To be on the safest side as you enjoy your ride, have with you a bottle of alcohol sanitizer and or methyl spirit. Purchase for your use a pack of surgical masks. These are the best paraphernalia for your breathing track as the surgical masks have a fluid layer in between to trap any pathogen dancing in the air. Buy surgical gloves as well that you can carefully dispose off after coming into contact with suspected infected persons.

  2. Another thing cyclists and the public should try avoiding is liquid cash, though this is proving a problem because as I went to transact using M-pesa there was no float for hours on end. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry for the virus stays active for 9 hours on surfaces.

  3. Limit contact with friends and outside family members, meaning: no more visits away from your home. Someone else is thinking the same thing then comes into contact with a covid-19 carrier and spreads it to 10 more unfortunate souls. And as post on Facebook stated: Be like Jane and stay at home, don’t be a Dick.”

  4. Take an Isolated route; don’t risk your life riding into densely populated areas.

  5. Take nothing to chance with your health even though reports say that it can infect anyone. Anything necessary is necessary. Since this is a virus affecting the respiratory system, the best way to fight it is to boost your immune system. This will be a crucial time to add anti-oxidants onto your dinner table and not indulging in processed foods just because you are locked up on restrictive orders. Foods that raise your body’s pH level to alkaline levels are a needed necessity. Talk of raw ginger in your tea, garlic plus 3red or green pepper and coriander (dhania) in your meals as well as green pepper. Add a bowl of fruits to your diet. A fruit salad consisting of beetroot, pineapple, orange, banana and pawpaw is good enough.

  6. Sanitize your bike(s) as well, before and after your ride. Focus on contact areas such as the steer bar, hoods, drop bar and saddle.

  7. These masks, for real are uncomfortable to breathe through during your rides so a better suggestion would be to start your town rides early at a slower and breathable pace.

  8. Wear your masks while riding through headwinds. It’s plain simple: A nduthi guy with Covid-19 symptoms passes you. He coughs and there is a headwind, you inhale, you get infected. Mask on pal, mask on.

  9. Lastly, be up-to-date with the current news about this global pandemic, ALWAYS. Do not be caught off guard.

Do these and you may have a chance to fight this covid-19 and go back to century rides, races and tours. God Bless Humanity, we will rise above this

Be masked always

Be like Jane, don't being a Dick(son)

Be up to date with the pandemic's current news

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