The Terrific Three ready for the first group ride of 2020

Earlier in the week, Evans and I had scheduled for a weekend ride with our jolly good friend Hillary, alias Ferrari. If I give you a nickname, that’s it, it sticks, so for Hillary its plain simple: he will catch you and leave you no matter what. He is super fast and would have qualified for national cycling selections for reasons unknown. Anyway, I suggested Saturday will be swell. We all assembled near Serena Hotel. Tsibektican and I had already done a lung buster among cars and matatus along Wayaki Way, 15 kilometers in 28 minutes. That’s some good warm up for my horsepower sector as the Terrific Three headed out through the lavish areas of Kilimani and Nyari on our way to 2 Rivers. Just at the divert road to 2 Rivers, we stopped for a short break when I took the ripe opportunity of munching some Kyuna Road mangos. Very delicious may I say, Hillary cheekily wanted to hook me up with the fruits lady but I wanted none of it despite her petite beauty. Its me, Baby Bee and my compatriots today.

So I’m busy fueling up with my camp knife at hand when three guys on a nduthi (bodaboda motorbike) stopped near us and they asked for directions to 2 Rivers. Evans in his polite nature gave them the direct route after Hillary and I showed them the building labeled the name of the face they seek. What they did next did not baffle me, but Evans already knew that something was about to go down here. All three men alighted and the biggest guy who sat at the back made a phone call. I’m still busy enjoying my green mango, slicing as much succulent flesh off for a juicy bite as I could. “Sam, let’s go,” said a rather small voice from the Military Merc.”Okay then,” in my usual comic gesture. ”let’s go.” I slid back my camp knife into is sheath, strapped on my bag and following my buddies. “When nduthi guys stop before you to ask for directions, just ride away,” Evans said.”Those guys were going to rob us quick had you not had had your knife out,” he added. There and then I felt the wave of only again being close to danger and walking (well, riding) away from. I did not nickname him Military Merc for nothing, for as I was busy slurping fibered fruit he assessed the men and saw one of them hold a concealed gun in a blue cotton bag, hence him telling me we go. Such has been the case in Nairobi, especially Ngong Road and Southern Bypass. Cyclists have become unsafe from these robbers on 125cc motorbikes.

We proceeded to the Northern Bypass where the unrelenting headwinds awaited our arrival, testing our resilience and mental muscle. Evan being the behemoth that he is had no worries blasting through the gushing 25kph winds. Hillary and his small stature, was wise to draft behind him. I on the other hand wanted a challenge, so I let them chase on. Gave them 150 meters and rolled down on the bypass, feeling the full blast of the winds. This is training mode though it is easier tackling headwinds on a MTB than on a road bike, my quads will be stronger than strong come January 12th. Hands firm on the side bars, my buddies are increasing the distance meter by meter.”That’s not right, what is happening here?” I look down to Her cassette and I see that the rear derailleur has stopped at the second sprocket instead of the first. Its time to use my mechanical skills. The cable was too tight hence it pulled the derailleur inwards, so I loosened and tightened it properly. A quick test and the Flying Duchess is ready to assault. The speedy duo waited for me at the northern gate of 2 Rivers by the spin wheel. The Big man had broke a front spoke and they were busy trying to figure what to do with it.”Let me show you how Gathondeki Man does this things,” I said with confidence, for I had done this a dozen times. Its good being a tools guy, your hands become might strong like a plies, so I twist the broken spoke around two more spokes carefully.”Hey, hands like a plies,” Hillary joked.

Ready to muscle hard to the next roundabout before turning back to enter Runda from the North, the pace was race legit. Now with Tsibektican able to be at 48* gear ratio, we are going to shine. Up above Kiambu Road and Baby Bee and I span efficiently fast to pass the duo and launch brutally amidst the prevailing winds. Merc came blasting at my left and the power of momentum carried him effortlessly down the drop to the flat. I waited for Ferrari to come slicing through, nothing. Onto the spider claw bars for more aero advantage as I stiffened my torso to reduce air drag, we are inching closer to the brutal Merc’s wheel. Finally on the second roundabout, we turned to head back West, stopped at the stage to wait for our compatriot. We did not see him though, until the canter heading to Githurai 44 past us and there he was, drafting to catch up.” Let him go, he’ll call when he will,” Evans said.

We decided to ride slow as we followed him, waiting for his call…

(End of Part 1)



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