5 tips to promote your store all year long

Written By: Sam The-Tourist Ouma

Date Published: December 8, 2019

It’s hard opening a business of any kind. That should be considered a miracle. It is even harder maintaining a business. For ever one business that succeeds there are hundreds to thousands, even tens of thousands that do not succeed. In this digital age, you cannot be left out hence you must have set in place your business website where online shoppers can access your products from the comforts of their homes. For you to keep up with the competition and maintaining your share of clients in the ecommerce niche here are 5 tips on how to keep your customers.

1. Increasing your page load People hate slow web pages so please consider the patience of a customer. Nothing bores an internet user who accesses a slow webpage in the hope of finding what he/ she is looking for. Users expect pages to load in two seconds, and after three seconds, up to 40% of users will abandon your site. That’s a huge number to lose.

2. Get visible on Google

Make your products easier to find on Google by using Google Webmaster. This application allows you see which pages have been indexed, your most popular keywords, and much more. Reason, when your clients search for your products, they find two things: What your are selling and what your competitor is selling. Check if your site doesn’t have any crawl errors or other critical issues that would prevent Google from finding your site.

Other tools are such as HYPERLINK "" Google Keyword Planner can be used to search for keyword ideas and find phrases related to your product and brand. (It’s free!)

Another one is HYPERLINK "" Ahrefs that lets you not only find new keyword ideas, but also find keywords your competitors are ranking for in search engines, then use these keywords in your copy. (From 9900 KES/month)

Another way to find effective long-tail keywords for your product descriptions is:

Using Amazon autosuggest.

Amazon is the second biggest search engine after Google. Similar to Google, when you start typing something into its search box, it shows the most popular search terms. It shows you what products and using what words real people are typing in when they’re looking to buy a product that you are selling.

SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT  Long-tail keywords for product ”motivational posters” – use them in your copy.

So you don’t have to guess anymore. You can use these suggested search terms, and use them when writing about your products on your store. Remember, you are trying to convince the buy, not Google.

3. Product videos

So How does a movie get seen? A trailer to advertise on its behalf. Product videos that are well produced are an effective way to draw customers to your site. Let the videos be short, precise and above all catchy with attractive effect and music. Shoppers today want more info with less effort. They expect rich product information through visual online experiences – something as close to being in-store as possible. If is a new bike in the market, it should be shown to have superiority as much as possible: Durability, warranty, usability, e.t.c

4. Add social proof with reviews

Shoppers will opt for products reviewed by earlier product users. The less negative they are the more possible of purchasing chance the product has. Videos that sell have this trick in mind: In the first 20 seconds make it clear why your product is worth buying. Highlight the benefits of having the product in the very beginning of the video. When you’ve caught the viewer’s interest, you can continue with features and other specifics.

People tend to spend 31% more when a company has excellent ratings and reviews. This is the word of mouth in online shopping.

5. Analyze your sales data, and plan the next steps

Now, you have your store up and running, have your great products listed, and some orders are coming in, too. Always have stock of the products that are bought most.Many sellers think that’s enough. But if you want more, keep reading and since you’re serious about your business, you have analyze your results, draw conclusions, and plan ahead. Google Analytics will help you have a look at your best selling products and most visited pages of the last six months.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to meet as well as create demand from your clients all year round with less interruptions from the global market.

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